Top 5 Saloon Cars

Posted on 30 May 2009 by anthony

If you’re a family person who wants to buy a nice car, you will probably look at cars in the saloon category.  These cars are designed for families, which mean there’s plenty of room for you, your kids, and all of your stuff.  You can even fit the family dog in the back.  When you think of this type of car, you may think of something very boring, but today’s saloon cars are anything but dull.  In fact, the top saloon car can compete with cars made by the likes of BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.  Below are the current top five saloon cars and the reasons why they’re so amazing.

ford-mondeo1.    The best saloon car on the market today is the Ford Mondeo.  This car is very roomy, drives very well, and looks incredibly stylish.  The Mondeo is equivalent to many of the most luxurious cars out there.  If features a two-litre  turbo diesel engine that gives it all the get up and go it needs, but it includes all the safety features you’d want on a family car.

renault-laguna2.    Coming in second is the Renault Laguna.  Priced competitively with the Mondeo, the Laguna is actually somewhat of a step backwards for Renault.  The car does not feature the company’s unique design.  It’s more conservative style may make it look more like a traditional family car, but it does have a very nice interior, great handling, and more.

citroen-c53.    The Citroen C5 is third on the list of great saloon cars.  It, too, is priced about the same as the other two cars.  The new styling for the C5 combines elements from several different models.  This four-door saloon is larger than the previous Citroen, and it includes many new features like sound-proofing, a new interior, and more.

2009-mazda-64.    The Mazda 6 is another great family car that features many luxurious perks.  The Mazda 6 is a huge improvement over its predecessor.  The car features many luxury features as standard, but it doesn’t have a huge price tag, making it affordable for families.  One of its unique features is the karakuri seating system—this allows you to fold parts of the seat down for more room.

mitsubishi-lancer5.    Finally, the cheapest car in the top five saloon cars is the Mitsubishi Lancer.  This car, which the Evo X is based on, is a small family car that features four doors and a fairly roomy boot.  It doesn’t have the greatest performance or the plushest interior, but it’s a good car for those on a budget.

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